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      Harness the power of data to improve building operations

      BuildingOS? is the leading building energy management and analytics platform that uncovers savings and improves performance in the world’s leading commercial building portfolios

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      Building Energy Management System

      Calculate your potential savings with BuildingOS in 30 seconds

      The world's largest organizations rely on BuildingOS

      Building Analytics Data Building Analytics Data

      Leverage data across your portfolio

      Collect all your building analytics data from your building energy management system to get a unified, real-time view of operating performance, and drive improvements.

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      Improve building operations

      Use your historical, utility, real-time, and field data to find unnecessary resource costs, identify performance issues, and prioritize projects with your building analytics platform.

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      Collaborate and drive action

      Engage occupants with compelling public energy dashboards, and use our seamless sharing tools to deliver key findings to any stakeholder—wherever they are.

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      Building Energy Dashboard

      The leading building management software platform for managing building performance

      Building Management and Automation System

      BuildingOS is the most interconnected, scalable building energy management and analytics platform, specifically designed for commercial buildings and the people who operate them.

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      Over 500 customers manage 1.5 billion+ square feet on BuildingOS

      • “BuildingOS allows us to identify good energy projects, verify those projects, and then maintain those projects. From our baseline this year, we’re on track to save $1.6 million out of a roughly $5 million budget.”

      • “Compliance with regulations is key for us. Lucid makes compliance reporting simple, accurate, and worry free.”

      • “It’s really important that employees are engaged in energy conservation actions so we can drive an additional 5-10% energy savings through behavioral change with BuildingOS.”

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