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      BuildingOS makes it easier and faster to turn building commercial building data into actionable insights that save money, optimize energy, and increase productivity.

      Building Data Platform

      Centralize data across your building portfolio

      Collect and access data that matters most to you.

      • Integrations with over 95% of all common building systems
      • Organize and report on invoices from utility and natural gas providers
      • Create easier energy and emissions compliance reports

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      Energy Efficient Solutions

      Increase productivity with automated data management

      Spend less time organizing spreadsheets data and more time driving results.

      • Normalize data against weather patterns, occupancy, exchange rates, and more
      • Identify data gaps, peak demand charges, and scheduling anomalies faster
      • Validate project performance with automatic measure and verification tools

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      Building Data Platform - Engagement

      Make informed decisions using data-driven analytics and reports

      Combine the insights of real time and utility data to optimize energy performance across your buildings.

      • Eliminate surprises with trend monitoring and real time alerts
      • Audit utility statement costs using historical data to plan future budget allocation
      • Leverage pre-built reports and graphs or build your own to create unique energy dashboards

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      Building Data Platform - Data Streams

      Engage occupants and stakeholders faster and easier

      Capture and share program success with administration, colleagues, students, and more.

      • Schedule automatic emails to stakeholders with easy to understand visuals and reports
      • Increase engagement with public facing displays and competition dashboards
      • Share results faster with real time alerts, scheduled emails, and clean data exports

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