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      Building Information Modeling with customizable reporting for building data solved

      Our award-winning BMS Software reporting framework makes it easy to visualize data, find insights across systems and portfolios, and collaborate across teams.

      BMS Software
      • Building Information Modeling

      Centralize and report across all of your critical data sets

      • Real-time time series data from building management systems for monitoring and analysis.
      • Utility bill and other expense data for easy tracking, allocation, and forecasting.
      • Commercial building IoT platform device data for operating insights into air-quality, utilization, security, and more.
      • ERP, Work Orders, Weather, and Occupancy data to provide broader insights across a portfolio.

      See it in action

      Building Information Modeling Dashboard
      BMS Software Visualization

      Dynamic analysis and visualization unlocks actionable insights

      • Self-configurable charting and energy dashboards allow users to design the reports that they need for their organization.
      • Powered by a library of 25+ “cards” tailored to handle the complexities of real-time building information modeling and operations data.
      • Provide building and system-level visibility to drive efficiency, detect anomalies, increase comfort, and improve quality & performance.
      • Report on cost, consumption, emissions or any other core metrics across buildings, business units, spaces or tenants.
      • Compatible with third party embeddable interfaces such as controls, videos, documents, spreadsheets, and services for extensibility.

      See it in action

      Easy collaboration tools to empower your entire team and engage your stakeholders with our BMS software.

      • The buildingOS structure allows for reporting and collaboration at all levels from Portfolio→Business unit→Building→Space→ System.
      • Our library of data analytics & data visualization cards enable easy customization of analytics dashboards & KPI reports.
      • Configurable views and automated report delivery drive operational visibility for key stakeholders across the company.
      • Share securely via automate emails, webpages, digital signage, and export a variety of formats (PDF, Excel, Images).

      See it in action

      Building Information Modeling Collaboration
      <p>— Mike Huaco, SVP & Global Head of Real Estate, McKesson

      “Ultimately, improving our building operations improves the value of McKesson’s portfolio. BuildingOS is a great tool to help us achieve this.”

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