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      Count on us to be there for you

      Lucid provides implementation and ongoing building energy management services to ensure your success throughout our partnership.

      Building Energy Solutions
      • Building Energy Management Services

      Experience in the building energy management space

      • Over 10 years of energy and building management system implementation from a service provider and end user perspective.
      • Diverse backgrounds in utilities, energy, and project management.
      • Technical competence with a wide array of energy hardware and BMS software solutions.
      • Broad set of partners provide additional expertise when needed in the implementation, or when extending your deployment.

      See it in action

      Building Energy Management Services Implementation
      Professional Building Energy Solutions

      Proven success—on time & on budget

      • Over 500 successful implementations of our facility management software across industries, geographies, and companies of all sizes, from one building to large campuses to high-rise towers.
      • Portfolio of over 1.5 billion square feet is live on BuildingOS, collecting manual, utility, and real-time meter data.
      • Broad collection of success stories from our many happy customers.

      See it in action

      Flexible offerings for your needs

      • Implementation services to make sure you are up and running quickly to see the benefits of BuildingOS.
      • Personalized, professional building energy management services to help you with your specific needs as you adopt BuildingOS at your organization.
      • Ongoing check-ins with our customer success managers to help you set goals and drive toward success.

      See it in action

      Flexible Building Energy Management Services
      <p>— Chris Castro, Director of Sustainability, City of Orlando

      “BuildingOS is a prime example of how leading cities are using analytics for energy management. Data is critical to that: you can’t effectively manage something you can’t measure.”

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